Links 2018-02-18 - Thomas Bibby

The diabolical genius of the baby advice industry – The Guardian

I’m not (and won’t be) a parent myself but as many of my friends start to raise families I’m struck at how awfully difficult parenting can be for some, and how easy it can be for others. And how, if you’re having a difficult time parenting, everybody else judges you incessantly.

Email is your electronic memory – Fastmail

I’ve been a happy customer of Fastmail for a few years now. Leaving all your email to Google may be easy, and cheap, but it’s not a good place for memories.

The Good Room – Frank Chimero

A lovely article about libraries, train stations, the commons, the Amish, design, spiritual technology, and a whole lot more.

Goodnight Chrome Podcast

I never, ever sleep during the day. But this glorious podcast, which starts by reading out incredibly boring technical specs before injecting them with nonsense, had me dropping off after 5 minutes. If you’re an insomniac then you need this.