Submission on Part 8 Former Rialto Cinema to Digital and Enterprise Hub Nenagh - Thomas Bibby

Welcome for the scheme

I would like to welcome the proposal to bring the Rialto cinema back into use. The planned refurbishment is sensitive to the building’s heritage and the enterprise centre will be a fantastic addition to Nenagh.

Road safety audit

The road safety audit is inadequate. The audit does not take into account the place functions of the streets adjacent to the development, and represents a vehicle-centric approach which is inappropriate for a development of this kind in an urban centre like Nenagh. It is unfortunate that a DMURS quality audit was not undertaken.

Poor frontage on to Emmet Place

There is poor frontage onto Emmet Place with just an entrance to the car park and a long wall.  it is unfortunate that this project does not do more to activate the street. Further opening up of the Emmet Street side could enhance the environment of the street, especially if combined with pedestrian permeability measures outlined below.

Car parking

The application outlines the multitude of off-street car parking spaces within a few minutes’ walk of the site and it is unfortunate that a decision was made to provide private car parking spaces within the footprint of the site. This compromises the Emmet Place side of the scheme. One or two disabled parking spaces and a loading bay should have been sufficient for a development of this type in this location.

Opportunity missed to provide permeability through the site

There is a natural desire line between St. Mary’s Secondary School and Kenyon Street that runs through the site as an alternative to walking through Hanly’s Place. Although there is a pinch point at the corner of the building with an adjacent property, it should still be possible to open up the site so that it is permeable for pedestrians coming from Ashe Road to Emmet Place.

Thank you for taking the time to consider this submission, which is made in a personal capacity.

Link to Part 8 application