Submission on Section 38, Abbey Street Scheme, Nenagh - Thomas Bibby

I would like to make a submission on the proposed Section 38 scheme at Abbey Street, Nenagh. This submission is made in a personal capacity.

I’d like to welcome the proposal to restrict vehicles from this section of Abbey Street. I have had a number of close calls with cars while walking through the arch, especially coming out of the laneway onto Kenyon Street. This measure will have a positive impact on the town centre, and will make Abbey St a nicer place to walk and to shop. Vehicles will still have access to Abbey St from the Martyr’s Road side, but this measure will stop the street being used as a shortcut for private vehicles.

I would like to make one suggestion, that consideration be made to adding a supplementary P050 EXCEPT CYCLISTS plate to the RUS 011 NO STRAIGHT AHEAD sign so that people on bikes would be legally permitted to use the archway, as per the Traffic Signs Manual Chapter 5 pages 17 and 50. An alternative sign could be RUS 058 (Ch 5 p 41).

The reason I make this suggestion is that I take the 7 year-old swimming every Saturday morning. Sometimes we walk but sometimes we cycle, and it would be helpful to be able to go through from Kenyon street on the bike on the way to the leisure centre. Our alternative route via Pearse St is quite dangerous for a young child on a bike.

Link to scheme consultation page