For sale: 2014 Nissan Leaf in Tipperary, 53k km, 24 kWh, 12/12 battery bars - Thomas Bibby

I’m selling my mum’s Nissan Leaf, she has bought a new EV.

Very low mileage and still has all 12/12 battery health bars. Indicated range 140km, dependent on driving style and temperature. I own a Leaf myself and I’m happy to advise if the range is suitable for the type of trips you make.

a white Nissan Leaf car

It’s a great car, ridiculously cheap to run and utterly reliable, so good I bought Leaf of my own a year after my mum bought hers!

  • NCT 01/25
  • Tax 09/23
  • Main dealer serviced 03/23
  • Consumption meter shows average electricity consumption of 14.1 kWh/100km – that’s €3.04 per 100km on Electric Ireland’s current night electricity plan if you charge it overnight

Dashboard of a Nissan Leaf, showing 99% battery charge, 142km indicated range, and 12/12 battery health indicators


  • Reversing camera
  • USB Aux
  • Bluetooth
  • Cruise control/speed limiter
  • Air conditioning
  • CHAdeMO DC fast charging port
  • Type 2 cable for use with public chargers
  • ‘Granny’ cable for plugging into the mains for slow charging


  • Handbrake can rub for the first few km if it hasn’t been driven in a while
  • Outer plastic on driver’s door handle can become loose (doesn’t affect ability to open door)
  • A few paint cuffs on the driver’s side (pictured)

If you have a driveway in your home you will qualify for a SEAI grant of up to €600 for a home charger:

Front of a white Nissan Leaf Rear quarter of a white Nissan Leaf Rear of a white Nissan Leaf Boot of a Nissan Leaf, showing Type 2 cable and granny cable Rear seats of a Nissan Leaf Dealer sticker from Pat Tiernan Motors, showing next service 03/24 Tax and NCT discs, tax expiring Sept 2023, NCT expiring January 2025 Touch screen interface of Nissan Leaf Cockpit of a Nissan Leaf Front wheel of a Nissan Leaf